itemize i‧tem‧ize [ˈaɪtəmaɪz] also itemise verb [intransitive, transitive]
to present information in the form of a list, giving details about each item on the list:

• The report itemized several areas of concern.

• Taxpayers who don't itemize (= don't give a detailed list of all their expenses ) receive a standard deduction.

— itemized also itemised adjective :

• an itemized phone bill

* * *

itemized UK US (UK also itemised) /ˈaɪtəmaɪzd/ adjective
ACCOUNTING if a bill, bank statement, etc. is itemized the things are listed separately usually including details about each one: »

We asked for an itemized bill, listing all our phone calls and how long they were.


The auctioneers must provide an itemized inventory of the items collected and sold.


These costs must be fully itemized, including number of hours and cost per hour.

TAX listing all of the amounts on which you do not have to pay tax: »

In some cases, we recommend making itemized deductions which can reduce your taxable income.


The accounting agency trained its counselors to provide itemized tax returns.

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